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CutieeBrain Izuka
Hi its your Girl CutieeBrain and i got a real awesome tutorial for webbers on backlinks.
Backlinks are sure a real source of traffics and can go a long way to improve your google friendship. Not all backlinks are good, some backlinks might get your Adsense banned or even make you unworthy of some adsense alternative affillates, so your backlink source is something you should put into consideration.

20 Ways to Get Quality and Healthy Backlinks

1. Commenting on do-follow blogs and make sure they are relevant to your blog. Although they might not carry too much of link value, but is a good way to get started.

2. Start relevant thread in forums and link your blog post as source.

3. Link your blog in your forum signature (make sure the forums you joined are high quality forums).

4. Answer or Ask questions related to your blog, link your blog in the thread you answered or asked.

5. Interlink your blog post and other related post on your blog, when writing ablog post.

6. Submit your blog to top directories (remember quality matters).

7. Submit your rss feed to feeder sites, you can also submit your rss feed to rss directories.

8. Write high quality content and you will get strong backlink.

9. Write news post and try to be one of the first to write about it. You can use news.google.com to get latest news.

10. Submit your blog to web directory like Dmoz, and many other directories. You will be surprised on the quality of backlink you will get.

11. Submit your blog to.edu and .gov forums and blog. Getting backlinks from these forums and blogs makes Google happy and it regards them as authority.

12. Make use of groups. e.g. Google groups and yahoo groups.

13. Blog about celebrities, or anything or person popular.

14. Submit Guest post to other blogs and include a link to your blog below.

15. Make use of blogging communities by submitting your blog post to them.

16. Make use of discussion board like Quora link your blog in threads.

17. Build relationship with bloggers in your niche whether offline or online. And links will automatic follow you.

18. Submit your blog to top social networking sites.

19. Submit your blog to digg.

20. Create a Wikipedia page and include your blog link in the resource section.

If you Follow these tips, you'll be getting high quality backlinks. Which will increase your search engine traffics, and will lead to high adsense earnings and affiliate earnings.

Get the facts, Get the right informations and share what you know.
...as written by CutieeBrain

Gozkybrain Izuka
20 Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks by Cutieebrain 20 Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks by Cutieebrain Reviewed by Gozkybrain Izuka on June 03, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. Cute post by a Cutiee, but pls can you share more SEO tips?

  2. Thank u very much cutieebrain, more of dis pls

  3. Nna Gozkybrain una family get talent no be small ooo, cutiiebraim carry gp biko

  4. blogging about celebrities? thats not fair na, do u blog about celebs?

  5. We blog about free browsing tips, SEO, those are popular. Get Cutiee well oh

  6. Please that number one dey giv me wahala o

  7. If that one doesn't work for you, or ypu don't fancy it, pls skip. They are 20.

  8. Please that number one dey giv me
    wahala o

  9. lol, bobo don already miss from number one.

  10. There are Do follow and No follow #Kenedy, i am advising people to use Do follow.

  11. CutieeBrain, i'll take it from here. No follow links are not good for ypur backlinks, simple.

  12. Great tips. But can you please explain me aboutHow to get Wikipedia backlinks in detail.


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