How to Set Whatsapp Smileys in Blogspot Conment


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The Whatsapp is another top chat platform that enables friends and family to communicate and also it has been on of the best.

Adding whatsapp smileys on blogger posts is one of the best feature that every entertainment blogger need to add to their blog to enable their visitors have more fun and get attracted to your blog.

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Step 1

First you need to Sign In to Blogger DashBoard and select your preferred blog.

Step 2

Now Select Template from the left menu >>> Edit HTML

Step 3

On your keyboard press CTRL+F and then past this and search < /body> then copy the below script just above it.

Step 4

Again search for this code too

posts-comments.min.js'/><a style='display:none;'
href='' >bloggerwidgets</
a><script type='text/javascript'>//

Step 5

Then look carefully below you will see a tag like this </b:includable>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType ==
<div class='noopsmile'
id='noopsmile' style='background-
color:#E0F7FF;background:#eee; border-radius:
7px;width:634px; padding:10px; border:1px solid
style='display:none;' href=''
>we speak tech</a><div align='right' id='close'
style='font: bold 13px arial;margin-top: -14px;
cursor: pointer;'> Close [x] </div></div><div
id='open' style='background-color:#eee; border-
radius: 7px; padding:10px;width: 87px;cursor:
pointer;display:none;left: 582px;position:
fixed;top: 1%;z-index:999;font-weight:bold;'> Open
Smileys </div>

Place the above code like this

< /div>

Place the above code here

Step 6

Again search for this code too
]]>< /b:skin>

Step 7

Now copy the below code and place it before the ]]>< /b:skin>

Step 8

Finally save your template and that's all you need.

If you have any problem feel free to comment below thanks.

Gozkybrain Izuka
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