How to Verify your UK AdSense Account From Nigeria.


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Google Adsense is a CPC (Cost per click)  advertising platform provided by
Google which helps Bloggers monetize their blogs. Adsense is about the easiest way for Bloggers or webmaster to start making money with their sites. This tutorial is meant for those who have an unverified AdSense account from countries like UK and USA which they would want to verify. Do you know you can us UK AdSense account in Nigeria and receive your payments without any problems?? Lucky for you because, I will teach you how to verify your Adsense account from countries like UK and USA from Nigeria.

 It easy all you have to do is follow this simple instructions
>>> You need a UK address where Google
will send your verification PIN to or If you have friend in UK they can send the PIN to you.

>>> Register with and they will generate an address from the country you registered with which is UK.

>>> You enter the virtual address which was generated to your Google Adsense, that is where your verification PIN will be sent to.

>>> Shoptomydoor will communicate to you via email or call. When you get the mail from google Adsense, you then have to make payment before they will ship the mail to Nigeria address where you can receive it and then verify your adsense account.

>>> Payment can be done via your Nigerian ATM card MasterCard, Visa
etc are accepted.

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Gozkybrain Izuka
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