What Do I Need for Blogging?


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In order to become successful in blogging, the three things am going to highlight on this post is a must have for you!
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Creating or owning a blog is not an issue but having the time to manage that particular blog matters alot. There's been cases where people open blogs mostly on Free Hosting platform and at the end of the day, abandon it. Why? Simply because they could not have time for it! To become successful in blogging, you should have time for your blog! You can't possibly be doing multiple things at a time.
If you have time for your blog, then definitely you're one step closer to becoming successful because blogging demands your time as you would be creating contents regularly to keep your readers updated. This way, your readers would know you spend time in satisfying their wants. Now you know time is one important aspect of blogging.
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This is another important aspect of Blogging, as it is said "Money answereth all things" You will need money in order to succeed in blogging. You may be asking money for what? when there are free hosts? Can't i just create my blog for free and start making money from it?
It's not as easy as you think; below are some areas you would have to spend money on.
#1. If you are on a Free Hosting, you will still need a Custom Domain for your subdomain. Now you ask why? One reason is to be seen as a serious blogger and the second reason is because many hate a blog with subdomain no matter your niche.
#2. Money to be spent on Ads. If your blog is new, you'll need money to advertise your blog on various Advertising Networks to get noticed.
#3. Money to be Spent on Themes/Templates. You will need money to buy Premium Templates for your blog, as blogger default templates are not appealing because of its lack of some important features such as read more option, Social Sharing Buttons, Recent Posts and some other features that beautifies a blog and makes it pleasant for readers/visitors. As a blogger, you would need data connection to always stay online which also involves money.
If you are the type that knows little or nothing about coding, then its certain that you would need to hire a web/blog designer to do some basic designs and Search Engine Optimization for your blog to rank high or stand out in search engines. This is just about the money aspect. You'll need money for other things as time goes on, this is not to discourage you as you would be smiling at the end of the day.
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Resources is very broad; gadgets, source of infos, and all that.
I've heard a couple of times from newbies, that they do not have some needed blogging gadgets such as Personal Computer (Laptops) for updating their blogs. If you really want to become successful in blogging, then you need a Laptop of your own which you are are going to be using in updating your blog i.e. Editing Templates, Curating Posts, etc. A Camera (Gadget) is also a Must-have especially if you are a News/Entertainment Blogger and wants to stand out and so many other necessary resources to succeed in your blogging walk.
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These are just three things you will need for a Successful Blogging walk.

My name is Gozie Brain Izuka, and to all bloggers out there, i just want to make common sence; i hope i did.
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