5 trendy toys that your kids are longing to have


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5 trendy toys that your kids are longing to have
Kids follow trends as much as adults - only these trends concern toys! Toys are created based on favorite cartoon characters, and often these toys star in actual cartoons. And the children are crazy about them!
In this post you will find a description of 5 trendy toys that every child dreams to get as a present!
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Lego Bricks
LEGO Disney Princess now has sets with figurines of princesses, their castles and animals.
Among the new sets of LEGO City – many are police-themed. For the youngest Lego lovers – there’s LEGO DUPLO series: new buildings, transport, 2 sets of Batman series for boys, a castle for girls, a pizzeria and cakes for young cooks, pets and a bird for animal lovers.
In 2017 LEGO Nexo Knights series started to feature new armor for Nexo knights as well as their figurines, weapons and fighting vehicles. Moreover, new figures of monsters and their weapons were added.

Monster High Dolls
"We are Monster High" is a series of Mattel dolls that are real competitors for blond Barbies.
The sets now include new characters: Gigi Grant, Clawdeen Wolf and Toralei Stripe. There’s also fashionable Frankie Stein from the "Geek Shriek" collection as well as Venus McFlytrap, Jane Boolittle, the newest Cleo-de-Nile and Catrine DeMew from the "Darkness and Blooming" collection.
For those who love to have everything at once there is a huge set consisting of as many as six dolls – Lagoona Blue, Ghoulia Yelps, Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura and Cleo De Nile. And many, many others!

Monster High.jpg
Peppa Pig
Peppa and her friends are the characters of a sweet and kind children's cartoon about funny animals.
In addition to the very Peppa pig and her family, there are toys of Peppa's friends: Candy Cat, Rebecca and Richard rabbits, Zuzu, Zaza and Zoe zebras, Suzie sheep, Edmond elephant, and Denny dog.
There are also themed toys: a playground, a lesson at school, Peppa's kitchen, and even Peppa's pig role-play sets.

Peppa Pig.jpg
Chalk bombs for the little ones
These cloth bags are filled with multi-colored chalk. When the children throw them onto the ground or at each other, differently-colored puffs appear that make everything around colored and fun!
Parents don’t have to worry: the dust from these chalks does not harm the health, and traces of it are easily removed. Chalk bombs are the creation of the German company XTREM Toys & Sports.

Мелки-бомбы для самых маленьких.jpg
Mighty Mountain Mine Railway
This is an analog game of Mighty Mountain Mine, a product of the international company Hape International. It is a railway that goes from the mine and spirals through various rings, bridges, and tunnels.
The train carries along the coal extracted in the depths of the ground. This game won the title of "Game of the Year" in its genre.

Железная дорога Mighty Mountain Mine.jpg

Children are aware of the trends like we do - from the TV and the Internet: certainly, for the most part it concerns toys. Make your kids happy – and buy the toys they really want to own!


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