Free Blogger Templates: BakedWP vs Zikazev


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The first thing that catches the fancy of your fans to your blog is your Blog's Design - That is your Template Design.

Getting a Blogger Template to suit your taste is nothing close to easy; it is one of the most frausting phases a blogger faces, it often ends with - "I'll just make do with this one for the mean time".

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Have you ever heaved a sigh of Relief on discovering a Template that suits your taste, only to find out the template has a price tag on it ?- Like you have to purchase it.
I know some grown bloggers don't have a problem with it, but the upstarts might not.

The next time you ask a Blogger for a Template and he asks you to pay, you now know the reason why.

That Apart, there are 2 Templates up for Grabs today for Free.

Comment the name of the template you desire among the two and your phone number, it would be sent to your Whatsapp.

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BakedWP Blogger Template
• SEO Friendly.
• Single Column.
• Default share buttons.
• Dual Comment system.
• Flexible Layouts.

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Zikazev Blue Blogger Template
• SEO Friendly.
• Ads ready layouts.
• Customised Share buttons.
• Double Column (only on pc).
• Single comment system.

Which of these Templates Do You Want? Drop a comment now and get it for free.
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Gozkybrain Izuka
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