How to become a Blogger that can make money online


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In a previous article, i replied a question from a fan » How Can I Write When I'm not In the Mood? and i think i really hit a point. So long as you're not a wahna be blogger , then you should not be all that bothered about how to make money online , everybody can make money online if he tries. For the sake of utilizing and monetizing your talents, you should be bothered about how to make money blogging , how to find ideas to write article that can make money online , and the likes.
How to be a blogger that can make money online - My Wap Tutors

How to be a Blogger that can Make Money Online.

Becoming the 'money making blogger', i'ld recommend a couple of guides on a successful blogging career . I will recommend a couple of articles for you to read, for the flexibility of the tutorial.

Recently, the faithful bloggers are the broke bloggers, but should this be so? It takes me about 45 - 60 mins to develop and write a complete article, and i'm always happy doing this. Blogging is my talent, my passion, and its one of the things that makes me happy. But whenever i see a copy & paste blogger show casing his Google Adsense earnings, i really feel bad. I know i worked harder than him.

Well, i learnt alot these years i've been blogging and i'm pleased to share my knowlege with you my fans.

If you only wanted to make money online, you should be reading articles like making money by sharing links on SKITS , but you are a passionate blogger and so this is the article for you.

This article will be split into 2 Steps;
STEP 1 - Where i will explain all you need to get started to be able to be that blogger you want to be.
STEP 2 - Where i will explain exactly the ways on how to be that blogger.

Lets get started, we have to go through stages to prepare your blog, because thats what'll help you become a blogger that makes money online. For the sake of simplicity, just like i said before, i'll recommend a couple of posts for you. So lets get going.

#1. Choose the right niche and platform.
Before venturing into blogging, or ever noturing the tought of being a blogger, you should first know the niche to run and how to earn from a blog according to your niche .
After concluding on what niche to work on, you have to select what platform works best for it. I can not prescribe the Blogspot host for a download portal, something like that.

#2. Build an Email list.
Immediately you launch your website or blog, build an email list ASAP. It is even more important to grow an email list than growing a fan page on facebook.
I'll recommend these two articles to help you on building a successful email list.
Importance of Building an Email list.

How to Build a Successful Email list.

Once you have built a list with about 50 email contact, then you are really set to be a blogger that makes money online. You could even do an off blog marketting with your contact list. So start an email list.

#3. Write What You Love.
If you entered blogging 100% because of the money and not anything close to the passion, then you might have a tough time becoming that blogger that makes money online. If i had started blogging about gossips and events because i heard bloggers in that niche make money, then i would end up not writting what i love.
If you write what you love, no matter the stumbling blocks you might face, you'll just somehow find an inner motivation.
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#4. Grow Your Social Media Presence.
Once your blog starts having good contents on your blog, you also need good traffics on the blog too. Social media is one of the greatest ways to build your blog traffic, learn how to grow your blog fans with Google+ , that should be your primary social media traffic source.

#5. Be Consistence.
Blogging would frustrate you; Google Slow Crawls, Domain Malfunction, and many more Malwares. Its a must to get weary along the way but your ability to continue is what makes you a blogger that can make money online.
Blog consistently; build a relationship with your fans, learn how to make your fans comment on your post . Don't let your blog go bored, make it entertaining, blog like a schedule. For example; your fans should know that every monday and saturday, you publish a new post. Thats it, be consistent on it.


After learning the basis, its time to become a blogger that makes money online.

What Do I Need to Be a Bloger that Makes Money Online.

A blog. Thats all you need, a responsive blog. Do you make upto 500 daily unique pageviews? Then you are ready to become that blogger, so lets make you one.

#1. Choose the Right Earning Platform.
There are three ways of making money from your blog; one is Google Adsense, Adsense Alternatives, or Sponsored Adverts.

a. Google Adsense.
The most popular ad network which happens to be the owned by Google, and is said to be the best. I'll give you 5 tips to help you with your Adsense Earnings.
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b. Adsense Alternatives.
There are a host of Adsense Alternatives; from CPC ads, to CPM ads, to PPC ads, and even CPA ads. It all depends on your choice but anyday, i'll always recommend PopAds (CPM) as the best adsense alternative, so give it a try.
✔ RECOMMENDED: Top Paying CPM Ad network

c. Side Earnings
The blog could be your online address and after fixing it to be able to make money online, you now gain customers. So do your side earnings; sell ebooks, sell templates, teach classes, just make the money! My list of SIDE EARNINGS FOR SMART BLOGGERS is available to read, as a guude. My name is Gozie Brain Izuka, and to all bloggers out there, i just want to make common sence; i hope i did. Take a minuite of your time to drop a comment, it motivates us.

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