How to Earn 5 Dollars Daily on Popads


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Some months ago, i introduced PopAds as the best CPM ad network , and it has not been a bad idea ever since.
Although getting the dollars rising on popads is not so easy, except you know how it really works. Thats the purpose of this tutorial; and at the end, you'll be able to reach the $5 dollar payout in a day.

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What Does It Take To Earn With PopAds?

1. A decent human traffic.
If you can maintain a decent human traffics of about 1200 page views daily, then you should use popads.

2. An interactive blog .
If all your visitors do is, read that freebie you have to offer and tap the exit button, Popads might give you a real tough time, your blog should be an interactive one.

How to Earn 5 dollars daily on Popads

Have you heard of bounce rate? This is the phenomenum whereby a visitor lands on your, and leaves almost immediately. The lower the bounce rate of your blog, the better for you. I just found out, Popads is more a CTR ad network, ie a Click Through Rate.
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Your CPM only counts when they click through your blog; maybe when they comment, click your related post, or stuffs like that. Yeah i know you have given them about 1500 page views once and it didn't earn you anything, probably your post was a tweak and they just read and left ASAP, or you we're sending bot traffics, from bad seo companies.
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So whats next?
Its time to develop strategies on reducing your bounce rate and improving your Fans - Blog interaction.

You could try this strategy; to make your fans comment on your blogs , thats a surefire way to reduce your backlinks.

Another great way is interlinking your posts, and giving yourself in-links. This will help you retain your fans on your blog for a really long time, increase your traffics, and also fund your Popads account.

If you have a decent traffics of anything close to 1000 or more daily page views, and your blog's bounce rate is low; then you would be earning $5 daily. So focus on reducing bounce rate.
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