How to Stand Out Among Other Bloggers


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Building a successful blog is hard work. No matter what your niche, you can start blogging and build your reputation along the way and stand out of the crowd. Here are 7 steps to become a standout blogger.
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#1. Blog on something unique.
There are multitudes of blogs out there. If you can’t come with something unique and different from the rest of the blogs, you’ll lose. The competition is ever-increasing in the blogging world, so the first thing that you need to make sure is the uniqueness of your idea. Nothing beats uniqueness in terms of getting new visitors flocking to your blog every day.

#2. Dedicate passion to your blog.
Passionate blogger will have strong followers. This is true, because blogging itself should be your channel to share about your passion. Without passion, blogging seems like a dull task. Your readers will sense this lack of passion simply by looking at your blog in 10 seconds. So, whatever you’re blogging, show your readers that you are passionate about what you’re writing.

#3. Show some friendliness to your blog visitors.
Your blog visitors are your asset for a successful blogging career. Without regular visitors coming to your blog, your blog will lose its power. Therefore, treating your visitors with due respect is required in order to successfully gain strong followers for your blog. Whenever someone comments on your blog post, respond to him. At least, you can say thanks to him for taking the time to read your blog.

#4. Contribute on Other Blogs around your niche.
If you can’t work together with other bloggers, your blog will be left out alone. One of the most important concepts of blogging is networking. In order to build a strong and successful blog, you have to keep your connection with other bloggers in the same niche as yours. By contributing to their blogs, you are strengthening your reputation as a passionate blogger. This will increase your followers and traffic as well.

#5. Build your reputation.
If your name is known on the internet as a good expert in your niche, it would be easier for you to gain followers and regular readers to your blog. Therefore, it is important to build your reputation by appearing in various channels online. Make yourself known. Only then, people will start to cling at your blog and start to follow your thoughts and ideas.

#6. Involve your readers in your writing.
When writing a blog post, don’t write as if you’re writing to a wall or other inanimate objects. Keep in mind that you are talking to your readers every time you’re writing your blog post. Therefore, make sure to involve your readers in your writing. Ask them with questions. Ask for their feedbacks and comments. Share your story with them. The bottom line is to keep communicating with your readers in your blog posts.

#7. Follow a Regular Blog Schedule Pattern.
There is nothing good in dead blog. You’ll get two main disadvantages if you’re not updating your blog regularly. First, you will eventually lose your readers. Second, you will eventually lose your search engine ranking. If you don’t want to get those disadvantages, make sure to update your blog regularly. It will keep your blog active, and search engines will keep indexing your blog in their search result page.

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My name is Gozie Brain Izuka, and thee are the steps you need to take in order to become successful blogger. Remember that success in blogging can be attained only if you put hard work in the development of your blog.
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