How to Convert a 1GB SD card to 4GB


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1GB is not enough to store all your songs, videos, documents and application; but there is good news, you can convert your 1GB to 4GB. Just follow these steps-
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1- First Of All Take A Backup Of Your Memory Card.

2- Now Download this Toolkit In Your Pc with the link above.

3- Extract 'increase internal space of memory Card Toolkit' which you have downloaded.

4- Now Put Your Memory In Computer.

• But First Take Backup...

5- After Backup Of Your Memory, Then Open Drive Increaser.bat file from extracted folder.

6- After That The Script Will Open In Your Pc. It Will Ask You For Name Of Your Memory/Sd Card.. like Aman (G).

7- Now You Have To Enter Your Drive's Letter. If You Don't Know Your Drive's Letter Then Go To My Computer.

8- Here You Will See Your Drive's Letter;
• for example because it very important to be careful while entering your drive name. Like My drive's name is G.

9- Now Again Enter Your Drive Name.

10- Now Wait Some Time. It Script Can Take 2-10 Minutes Or Maybe More.

11- Its All Done Now See Your Memory Card Internel Space If It Is 4 GB ( Then You Have Good Luck ) If It Is Not Increased [That's Unfortunate ]

• If it increased then now, you have converted your Memory Card/SD card's internal storage and now you can restore the backup that you have taken.

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Gozkybrain Izuka
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