5 Major Problems New Bloggers Face


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Hello dear blogger, i've got a couple of messages from my fans about blogging and its challenges; i've published an article on THE CHALLENGES OF BLOGGING & SCHOOLING , so today i'll do something simillar.
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I'll be sharing the problems that new bloggers face and how to tackle those problems.

#1. Lack of Resources:

New bloggers tend to create a blog and dump if after a month or so. When asked why? 80% said they do not have either money for data or that they do not have a laptop.
How to tackle it:
Tackling this case is very simple; when you want to build a mansion, you will have to sit and calculate the cost and know if you'll be able to complete it; if not you wait till you get whatever it takes to build a mansion. Same with blogging. Since you know you do not have what it takes, its better you do not venture into blogging.

#2. Pressure From Friends And Family:

This is a very demoralizing agent.
I remember when I was starting as a blogger, my parents would always see me with my phone or laptop and they get vexed up. Friends would tell me I'm wasting my time and data. Some of my friends asked me how much I've
made and how much I've wasted in buying data, I was demoralized but was also focused and didn't look aside. So if you're facing such problems today as a blogger, here's what to do.
How to tackle it:
First, you have to believe that blogging is not a "get rich quick" business. You have to work hard to attain success
in blogging. So you have to neglect all the pressures from friends and family knowing what you're looking for.

#3. A Quest For Already Made:

What do I mean by that? New bloggers do not want to learn. I remember when I first saw some blog features on their templates, I contacted Abdulkareem Ahmed and Weilee Hung, i asked them to help me out. Over constant and frequent requesta, they started asking for money and turning me down. If they had done it for me free, i wouldn't have been the kind of Template Programmer today.
How to tackle it:
Make out time to surf the net, search on google how to do a thing and learn it. If it calls for money, pay someone to teach you because one day you'll also be paid by someone for you to teach him.

#4. Copy and pasting:

This is common in most new bloggers today. Once someone has a blog, has content on his blog, he calls himself a blogger. Nah! That's not how it works. Many people just create blogs and go
to other blogs to copy. this isn't right and you have to look for solution if you
indulge in such.
How to tackle it:
Like I said, creating a blog and having contents in your blog doesnt make you a blogger. Bloggers are original, they're themselves. So make sure you create a unique content to increase your site ranking and visibility in search engines. Doing so, you'll see you progress as a blogger (even if you must copy, copy like a blogger. Make sure you edit the content into your own style as if it were original)

5. Lack Of Promotion:

Post! Post!! Post!! That's what they do. New bloggers think that by just posting, they increase their page views. You see someone making upto 10 posts a day and yet he still gets 500 pageviews a month. isn't that a spirit killer? Yes it kills your morale.
Instead of spending time creating or copying post to have about ten posts a day, try to make out time to promote your site. Make 3-5 posts a week and promote them for that week on social media like the ones I'm using (Facebook, whatsapp, google+). Also joi forums like nairaland and NCT forum, you'll find out your page views
will increase compared to when you had ten posts a day and no promotion.

Other tips:
• Find blogs that have the same niche with yours and make meaningful comments on the blog leaving your blog URL behind. This will generate tons of pageviews.

• Go for paid adverts either on Facebook or on nairaland or any other forum which can drive enough traffic for the amount you spent.

• Resort to Guest blogging as I often do. While doing so, go to popular blogs that has the same niche with yours and make sure you abide by their terms and conditions.
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These are the Top 5 of all the problems new bloggers face.
My name is Gozie Brain Izuka, and to all bloggers out there, i just want to make common sence; i hope i did.
Take a minuite of your time to drop a comment, it motivates us.

Gozkybrain Izuka
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