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MyWapTutors, from inception early 2016 was installed with the mindset of bringing technology and tutorials to Fans and the general.
And ever since i established it, i can proudly say it has been positively effective.

My Wap Tutors was my own idea of growing geeks and gurus in the most entertaining way i can.

What can Visitors find on MyWapTutors ?
Its a tech blog, so visitors are sure of a cool tutorial in an attractive manner which always ends up feeding them with valuable info. We have lots of categories; network affairs, mobile application, mobile devices, web tutorials, online money, student affairs, and a new one for Geeks fun. Any visitor who somehow stumbles on MyWapTutors always has a story to tell friends.

What do you think Brings back?
Its simple, our content does. I can't say my content are not elsewhere on the net but the way i present minr makes me stand out among the crowd. I take serious care in gathering informations and my well experienced authors and partners, put in a whole lot of effort in writting them in a way that always entertain our readers. What turns our visitors into return readers is the fact that our contents don't just entertain them but, also passes on the required message.

Tell us Just a little about yourself.
My name is Gozkybrain Izuka (Originally Gozie Brain Izuka Emmanuel jnr). I was originally an entertainment and lifestyle blogger at brainshome.blogspot.com with my web partner Bezzy Izuka (Originally Chibueze Kingsley Izuka), who happens to be my kid brother.
I am Geeky Student studying Industrial MicroBiology at the Imo State University, i love teaching geeky stuffs. I developed My Blog with the Sole Aim of growing Students who can stand the test of time as Geeks an Gurus in the web niche.
I currenly have Online Courses for Students under Online Making Strategies, and Blog Development Strategies.
You can always sign up to them.

Always visit MyWapTutors.
Get the facts, Get the right informations and share what you know.

Gozkybrain Izuka
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