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Guest Blogging is the best way to promote your articles to reach more audience with little or no fees at all. This goes far as it helps your blog to gain more quality backlinks as well as high ranking in search engines.

More Advantages Of Guest Blogging Includes;
#1. Organic & targeted traffic.
#2. Blog exposure.
#3. Inbound links and backlinks.
#4. Get Featured for FREE!

Well, You can now Guest Blog on My Wap Tutors as it now accepts Guest Posts; all posts to be published on My Wap Tutors must be a Tutorial; any form of tutorial is accepted.

Guest Post Submission Policies.
#1. Your Post should contain minimum 300-400 words.
#2. Please send at least one image with maximum width of 600px.
#3. Should Include No affiliate links.
#4. Make sure that you place not more than 2 relevant links inside your content. All links should be relevant.
#5. Make sure you use proper grammar and spellings, though none is perfect in writing but try to be more professional in your writing.
#5. Your post should be unique and should not be found exactly elsewhere on the Internet.

How To Write For Us?
When you are ready to write for us, send your post and submit to gozkybrain@gmail.com and i'll reply you with the date and time your post would be published.

Get the facts, Get the right informations and share what you know.

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