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At MyWapTutors, keeping data private it our number one priority and negleting our fans' infos is explanable with negligence of duties.
I will share a list of areas where your details are safe with us and areas where its just a No - no. You'll have to help us to serve you better, so glance at our Privacy Policy, and learn about our terms of use.

While commenting, its advisable to do so with your google account. Tho, there are other methods but the google account is the best especially when you want to follow up the post.
Commenting with your google account only displays your google ID (ie blogger account or google+), and a link to your profile, probably for people to follow you.
Our system never saves your password or any details apart from the afore-mentioned. By this, your password and account is a 100% safe.

Subscribing by email.
This service is free, once you input your email address, submit and verify it. This service has no side effects on you or your account as nothing but your email address is saved. This is so because you'll recieve updates as it is posted, you actually become a VIP fan and get involved in the affairs of the blog.

Complaints or Suggestions.
If you don't like it when our blog loads slow because some banner ads are just too large for your device, or because we don't take our time to explain things. Its nothing, we'll take no offense as we're bent on serving you - no matter what. Your identity will not be published when rectifying it, (except you insist). You only get to see things like, "a Fan" and not your name. So you are always free to call us to order.

We hold no claims of ownerships of any link leading to external sites. We hold no other protection to your details when you visit such sites, stay safe. Never drop any of your passwords no matter what, except on official websites you think are safe.
We will never ask you for your passwords or anyother private documents and so, flee when someone claims to be us and asks for this.

Stay protected on My Wap Tutors, and enjoy the best of Online tutorials.
Get the facts, Get the right informations and share what you know.

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